LAST UPDATE: November 5, 2019

This Privacy Policy governs the collection and the use of your personal information on the Site. Whenever you use the Site or the services of the Company, you hereby agree to give authorization to the Company to collect your information which you expressly provide, or which the Company can collect as an incident to your use of the Site or its services, or which can be gathered from other sources including the internet, search engines, mailing lists, advertisers, contractors, and the like.

You hereby agree that the Company may collect from you the following details: name, address, email, credit card, Paypal, banking, and any other details, and that this agreement also constitutes your automatic authorization to allow the Company, or any of its third party payment or chat facilities installed on its Site to charge you or to debit or collect payments from you or to store your chat history and information. You hereby likewise authorize the Company to store these collected information of yours either in its Site or servers.

For your convenience, you are also encouraged by the Company to enable the usage of your cookies in order to fully utilize the functionality of the Site. You agree for the Company to utilize cookies in order to collect your information.

You also agree to authorize the Company to store your user and Site behavioral information on its Site, which may include but are not limited to your ip details, browser used, navigation patterns, landing pages, length of stay on certain pages, and other analogous information. Should you provide personal information which belongs to a third party to the Company or to the Site, you are required to have previously presented these terms and conditions and privacy policy to that person, and received in writing their consent to be bound by the same.

You agree that the Company may use your collected information for either its primary or secondary purposes, which may include sending you personalized offers, designs, or services, and also to possibly help facilitate better communication and information between the Company and yourself, or between you and other users.

You further agree to authorize the Company to disclose any of your information pertaining to specific marketing demographics, including personal identifiers, which may have a connection with but are not limited to your age, organizations, gender, ethnicity, job history, partners, or any other analogous information to its third party affiliates, partners, or even law enforcement officers.

In its sole discretion, you also agree that the Company may retain your collected personal information that it has collected for up to 2 years counted from your last actual usage of the Site or the Company’s services. After this period has lapsed, you agree that in order to remove this information of yours, you would be required to formally request from the Company the removal of your information (if still existing), unless required by law or governmental authority to be retained.

To protect the Company from any copyright or intellectual property violations, you hereby grant the Company, by using this Site, a non-exclusive, free, irrevocable, and worldwide license to use your copyright and other intellectual property rights which you may have to any information you may have provided, irrespective of its format, which may include your profile pictures, files, documents, logos, etc. You hereby expressly authorize the Company to use these intellectual property of yours in any way.

You also hereby represent and guarantee that you own any information or work which you claim is yours upon submission, and that you possess or are sufficiently authorized concerning the intellectual property of these information or works, and that they do not constitute and illegal, defamatory, or obscene matters. You hereby release the Company from any liability arising from or in connection with any information which you may have provided, or we collected, and agree to indemnify the Company in case the latter encounters any potential or actual claims, damages or liabilities on the basis of your provided information.